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Attention: A single Dual or Quad CORE CPU is still 1 physical CPU!


In case of No ATX +12V board +5V rail will be used
to generate CPU voltage (Socket A and Socket 423).

CPU Brand:

CPU Socket:



Video Cards:
Video Brand:

Video Card 1:
Video Card 2:
Video Card 3:
Video Card 4:
Video Type:
Physics Processing Unit:

Optical Drives:
CD-ROM Drive


CD-RW Drive


DVD/CDRW Combo Drive

Blu-Ray Internal Drive

Hard Drives:
IDE 5400 rpm: IDE 7200 rpm: SCSI 7200 rpm:
SCSI 10,000 rpm: SCSI 15,000 rpm: Regular SATA:
High rpm SATA: Green SATA:

Additional PCI Card (avg):

Additional PCI Express Cards:
Exclude Video Card(s) from this list.
PCI-e x1 PCI-e x4 PCI-e x8 PCI-e x16

  Recommended Minimum PSU Wattage:
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